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Adobe Journey Optimizer: Driving Customer Engagement & Personalized Journeys

22 February 2024
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The customer journey for any user on a platform or applications begins with consumer awareness and customer engagement. Until recently, the overarching trend of the customer journey was product centric rather than customer centric.

As the shift is being made to a customer-focused approach, we see customers displaying a need to be in charge of their journey. With the introduction of the Adobe Journey Optimizer to the Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe set out to deliver a product within the Adobe Experience Platform that assists marketers in driving customer engagement through the customer journey.

What is Adobe Journey Optimizer?

Built on the Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer helps businesses plan and manage customer journeys across different channels, like email, social media, or in-person interactions.

Using Adobe Journey Optimizer, businesses can determine the next best action to take while giving them personalized experiences that are relevant to their needs in real-time. Journey Optimizer helps improve customer experience by driving customer action and increases the chances of making a sale.

Customer journey optimization allows you to figure out how customers interact with your business across multiple touchpoints and use that information to guide and influence a customer’s end-to-end experience.

Adobe Journey Optimizer for Customer Engagement

In today’s world, the average customer is plugged into an estimated four devices at any one point in time. Adobe Journey Optimizer has set out to orchestrate any channel for any touchpoint with every interaction through omnichannel orchestration.

A customer may have the ability to choose what type of communication works best for them (i.e., email, text message, in-app notification, push notification, etc.) and Adobe Journey optimizer can assist with delivering communications in real-time or scheduled marketing campaigns.

The goal is to provide consistent conversation with the customers in the way they feel most comfortable, leading to more customer engagement!

Adobe Journey Optimizer for Hyper-Personalization

Another emerging trend within customer-focused user journeys is hyper-personalization based on a real-time customer profile. For instance, using the message designer marketers can send personalized communication directed at specific individuals or they can elect to send audience-based batch communications.

One use case for this would be if a product that was in a customer’s cart was out of stock at one point in time and then available weeks later, the marketer could send a directed communication to customers who had the product in their cart but were unable to complete an order.

Adobe Journey Optimizer will also allow for the experimentation of these hyper-personalized customer journeys using a drag and drop interface. This can be done by inputting hypothesized variables into the Journey Optimizer which will provide data supporting how successful the new customer journey may be.

Get Started with Adobe Journey Optimizer

Adobe Journey Optimizer provides marketers with powerful tools to drive consumer awareness and engagement. It’s clear that customers are looking for a customer centric approach from any website or application and want to feel in control of their interactions while still receiving valuable communications.

Omnichannel communications and hyper-personalization within Adobe Journey Optimizer allow marketers to fulfill the needs of their customers, and so much more!

Do you need assistance with Adobe Journey Optimizer? As an Adobe Platinum partner, we can help! Reach out today to schedule a consultation or for more information about our services.

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