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4 Key B2B2C Ecommerce Digital Transformation Trends

22 February 2024
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Right now, the B2B2C marketplace is undergoing a massive digital transformation. Many technology trends start with B2C offerings, then cascade into B2B, and finally B2B2C. So, what does this mean in the B2B2C marketplace? Consumer expectations and digital experiences are driving this trend toward digital sales enablement for B2B2C brands.

It’s happening organically and has significant implications for companies. Brands that don’t adjust how they interact with their customers or don’t invest in the right tools will get left behind in the next few years.

Key trends to digitally transform customer experiences (CX)

There are four key trends in B2B2C industries to digitally transform customer experiences.

Revenue Stream Growth

Companies must differentiate and meet the B2B2C customer where they want to transact. It’s why so many companies are offering value-add services to entice customers to buy more or more often.

Manufacturers and CPG distributors alike have popularized concepts like subscriptions and bundles. Across all consumer industries, quick checkout with personalized messaging is no longer the pièce de résistance. Now those are becoming the benchmarks for meeting consumer expectations.

Consumers will gravitate towards what is most convenient and price effective for their needs. That leaves brands with two options: provide personalized experiences with value-added functions to facilitate easier transactions or fall behind.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

These are the age-old goals of all marketers: know your customers, delight them, and retain them. Now, companies have access to technology that makes meeting those goals more easily attainable.

Commerce networks, for example, provide instant access to new customers for B2B2C brands at a lower cost than offline transactions. Then there are turnkey commerce solutions, which enable brands to acquire, convert, retarget, and retain these customers through digital mechanisms that have higher profit margins than offline transactions.

Data and Insights

Understanding consumer behavior and preferences is the marketers’ holy grail. Solutions like Adobe’s omnichannel suite of digital platforms make it easier than ever to target customers throughout the entire journey.

Brands can also inform product and service enhancements when measuring feedback at a large scale – and track transaction trends by persona, market, and product category.

With the right tech stack and strategies, brands can thoroughly understand customer expectations and deliver.

Market Resilience

In changing market conditions, it’s all about a company’s ability to consistently provide its products or services.

Remaining steady in unsteady conditions will more than keep one’s own business viable. It will also open the doors to provide for customers that were previously unavailable.

At the end of the day, it will be the reliable companies that will stand out and flourish.

Ready to Transform Your B2B2C Ecommerce Business?

In the dynamic landscape of B2B2C ecommerce, you must embrace the digital transformation trends shaping the market or risk being left behind. To thrive, companies must prioritize personalized experiences, value-added functions, and innovative sales enablement tools.

If you need assistance creating a powerful strategy using these trends, please reach out to our digital strategy experts who specialize in capitalizing on trends to ensure our clients stay up-to-date and competitive.

Bar graph detailing retail ecommerce sales in the USA from 2018-2022.
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