Multi-Use Manageability

The Howard Hughes Corporation turned to Sagepath Reply to develop a unified design solution and consolidate multiple property sites across the country into a single CMS platform. We responded with a modular design system with interchangeable components to create a consistent design system, while providing each property the autonomy to customize their site.

Screenshots from mobile experience of Howard Hughes website

Bringing It All Together


Howard Hughes needed more control of their digital assets and content while still allowing for local, customized content for multiple properties that had their own individual CMS.


Our team leveraged Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to design and develop reusable components that could be used across the board, reducing CMS maintenance costs and creating a more unified brand presence online.


The finished product provided a scalable platform with standardized, reusable templates and components that were used to deliver unique design experiences for five multi-purpose community sites in AEM within 7 months.

Howard Hughes website hero graphic for NYC's Seaport District
Riverwalk NOLA Life graphic on Howard Hughes website
Riverwalk hero graphic on Howard Hughes website
Riverwalk neighborhood directory on Howard Hughes mobile experience
Downtown Summerlin hero graphic on Howard Hughes website 

Establishing a Scalable Model

We set out to build the first property site while keeping a multi-state architecture in mind. Using the Seaport District website as our model, we created a scalable component and blueprint library, which included events, shopping, news, and contact functionality.

Screenshot of Howard Hughes website mobile experience to Shop, Dine and Explore.

Shop, Dine, Explore

To provide visitors with an easy way to navigate each property, we created a tool bar that provides an app-like feel. The tool bar is prominently featured on desktop and mobile, enabling users to quickly access shopping, dining, and special features for each location.

Downtown Summerlin page on Howard Hughes website.

Flexibility to Grow

Unique branding can be applied for each property without changing the component structure, enabling content editors to easily add and update content. For Howard Hughes, this means they can continue to expand their portfolio without relying on design and development support to recreate the site every time.

Screenshots of Howard Hughes website mobile experience.

A global component library significantly cut down on development time and costs.


reduction in new site build costs


increase in direct search sessions


increase in first-month traffic

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