Making a Highly Technical Website User-Friendly and Scalable

Screenshot of IDEMIA's redesigned user experience showing improved user flows.

The Challenge

IDEMIA, an identity technology company, provides connectivity, payment, and public security solutions to companies and government organizations around the world. Its clients’ developers access highly technical documentation on its developer site.

However, the developer site lacked a cohesive visual identity. Additionally, its non-intuitive UX design resulted in time-consuming user flows, making the site difficult to use for both business leaders considering IDEMIA’s solutions and the developers who need to access the documentation. IDEMIA came to us to develop a new visual identity and redesign all of its content to simplify the user experience for its customers, for both its public-facing and authenticated content.

Screenshots of IDEMIA's improved authenticated user flow to improve user experience.

Part 1: Discovery

Our team kicked off the work with a competitive analysis, to understand what the competition was doing well or not so well, along with how we could help IDEMIA stand out. We met with the client team to gather requirements and learn more about how they use the site. We also gathered insights on how prospective clients and developers use the site, to ensure we could improve the experience for every audience.

We also conducted a content audit of the current site, to learn about the content that we were working with and inform the new site’s content strategy. To rewrite, restructure, and redesign content, we had to understand the content and the business. The amount and complexity of the content required heavy analysis on our side.

Screenshot of IDEMIA's Identity Proofing user flow, including engaging graphics and simplified language.

Part 2: Direction

After our research, we started putting together the building blocks for the site. Our team explored ways to restructure and simplify the navigation and site functionality. We created several concepts for the new visual identity, which we narrowed down and refined with IDEMIA.

Throughout the project, we shared in-progress work with the client team to iterate sooner and avoid rework. Our close collaboration allowed us to move quickly and ultimately save time.

Screenshots of IDEMIA's improved user experience design and user flows on mobile.

Part 3: Design

Following the concepting phase, we went to work on design. We created new brand guidelines, along with icons, illustrations, page templates, and infographics. Following a full design process, we provided wires, comps, copywriting, and prototypes. We also defined a new IA (information architecture) to help reduce unnecessary clicks and scrolling, saving end users time and frustration.

IDEMIA's Mobile ID Dashboard highlighting improved data presentations in bar graph formats.

The Results

The updated design, content, and IA provided a cohesive visual identity for IDEMIA’s developer site and streamlined workflows for users. In addition to making content easier to find, we also simplified complex subject material for key decision-makers. The site is now responsive and scalable, and the team has its own brand guide to support continued growth.  

W3 Silver Award for Creative Excellence for IDEMIA's user experience design.


The project also won a 2022 W3 Award.

Silver for Creative Excellence

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