Tracking the Life of a Lead

R1 RCM had long relied on sales teams to deliver new clients. Sagepath Reply was tasked with not only increasing lead volume but also lead quality, specific to ABM targeted accounts.

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Driving More and Better Leads


The client came to us to help bring in more leads and higher-quality leads.


By proactively monitoring search behavior and building new keyword and audience targets within Google and Bing, we were able to drive quality new leads and fast-track them through the funnel to become MQLs much quicker, thus shortening the sales cycle.


By focusing on personalization at scale and proactive targeting, we met R1’s goal and then some - helping them immediately triple their revenue.

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The Challenge

R1 found it difficult to move the needle and track efforts while also needing to give sales the support they needed.

Improving the Health of the Business Through Better Connections

R1 was in immediate need of a more automated, digital option for bringing in leads. Their existing methods lacked any ability to track, connect, or identify high-value leads. Utilizing their existing data and content we were able to implement a marketing strategy that transformed the way their sales team succeeds.

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Proactive Targeting and Integrating Technology

It was extremely important that our marketing efforts integrated with their CRM and marketing automation tools to ensure proper tracking. Leveraging proactive ABM targeting, we were able to meet their goal and then some.

Transforming Data Into Sales

Our growth strategy included a customer journey, beginning with gated thought leadership content delivered across several channels, precisely orchestrated nurture emails, website personalization and CRO, event promotion, and sophisticated lead scoring logic - enabling sales to focus on highest value, highest potential accounts.

Our ability to utilize R1’s first-party data, enriched with third-party data from Definitive Health, we matched lists to company IP addresses - allowing us to proactively target accounts with personalized content, distributed via our marketing automation architecture.

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Original goals surpassed.


return on investment


original lead goal


in qualified sales leads

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