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Doosan, one of the world’s largest equipment manufacturers, tasked Sagepath with a website redesign and CMS implementation to create a more personalized and scalable platform to support their dealers and connect customers with the right products.

Screenshot of Doosan redesigned and developed website.

A Much-Needed Life to a New Platform


Doosan's existing website and CMS platform were outdated and hard for content editors to maintain. A more scalable and cost effective solution was required to enable Doosan to more efficiently manage and host multiple sites and reach its goals for growth.


Together with the client, we selected Optimizely as the new CMS, chosen for its advanced personalization and extensibility. Our team then implemented the platform for Doosan and its multiple sites, providing a more intuitive experience for both the users and content editors.


The new website experience is filled with rich media capabilities that allow Doosan to host multiple videos from their site, a robust search engine (using EpiFind), a new dealer locator, and form optimization to support increased lead generation.

Screenshots of Doosan mobile website with heavy construction equipment in foreground.
Screenshot showing 360 viewing feature of DX140LC-5.
Doosan model comparison chart

Content That Moves With the Markets

As a result of the new CMS, content editors are able to more efficiently and effectively manage the website and keep up with high customer demand for educational video content through a fully ADA-compliant media library.

Screenshot of Doosan's Dealer Locator tool on website.

Enhanced Dealer Access

For heavy equipment customers, it’s imperative to find a nearby dealership for 24/7 access and minimize equipment downtime. With the new website, Doosan dealer information is prominently featured along with a location map, hours of operation, contact information, and types of available equipment to streamline the process for customers.

Screenshot of equipment finder feature on Doosan's wesbite.

Easily Surfacing Products

The redesign provides a more robust product catalog that features detailed equipment imagery and specifications. Plus, the updated search engine allows users to quickly find relevant content by category and model type.

Screenshots showing Doosan's internal search functionality.

Less Digging

Search alone as a new feature is a welcomed upgrade, but it was critical that the new functionality had robust customization options. Our team implemented EpiFind, an advanced search engine, to provide customers with a more efficient and effective experience to find equipment based upon search behavior and website statistics.

Screenshot showing 360 viewing feature of DX140LC-5.

Generated valuable daily leads and boosted SEO performance.


increase in Q1 2020 form submissions


increase in SEO technical score


increase in time spent on website

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