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The website redesign and CMS implementation establishes a thought leadership destination that uniquely positions Oppenheimer as a global leader in investment banking.

New Oppenheimer website design shown on mobile phones.

A Sleek and Innovative Design for a Financial Leader


Oppenheimer tasked Sagepath Reply with creating a new look and feel that better reflected the public’s perception and expectations for a company known as an innovator and leading online destination in the financial industry.


Using Crownpeak’s enterprise CMS platform, we created a clean and modern redesign to differentiate Oppenheimer from its competitors, and provide a modular and scalable templating system for its network of financial advisors and branches to personalize their individual websites.


We created a clean and modern design that showcased Oppenheimer's thought leadership content, served-up personalized information, and resources based upon newly defined audience segments, and streamlined getting in contact with a financial advisor.

Screenshot of Oppenheimer website showing functionality & flexibility of content management system.

Flexibility on Pace with the Markets

By using a Content Management System (CMS), Oppenheimer is able to showcase the full breadth and depth of their services – from corporate conferences to various M&As, IPOs, and investment transactions – while providing easy and flexible publishing capabilities for content editors to keep crucial information current.

Designed for Growth

The Oppenheimer website includes personalized web pages for over 1,000 financial advisors and 90 branch offices. These profiles are updated with the advisors' latest FINRA and RegEd data, while being optimized for SEO on a local advisor level. To maintain consistency across the board for such a large number of advisors, the site components follow a consistent brand style guide that is easily managed within the CMS.

Oppenheimer stylebook defining fonts, heading tag styles, shapes and objects, and photography guidelines.

Expertise Made Accessible

For availability to the largest number of clients and advisors, the site is designed for ease-of-use on mobile devices. We also leveraged Crownpeak’s Evidon and Universal Consent Platform to ensure the site is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant.

Oppenheimer's updated internal search functionality to find an advisor and request and appointment.

A Firm Foundation for Lead Generation

The Oppenheimer website serves as the foundation for lead generation for prospective clients seeking financial, estate, and retirement planning. The site also drives prospective retail investors to connect with Oppenheimer branch offices and financial advisors near them.

An Ongoing Partnership

When Google announced it was sunsetting GA3 and asked website owners to upgrade to GA4, Oppenheimer called our analytics team immediately. We set up an external site, an internal portal, and an app to position Oppenheimer for success on the brand new Google Analytics platform.

Boosted site traffic, engagement, and lead generation.


increase in users


increase in overall submissions


increase in average session duration

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