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Data Warehousing Services: Centralize and Consolidate Data

Many businesses utilize data analytics platforms to manage different types of data. While these platforms provide a means to view digital real-time data within their interfaces, their functionality is limited. Integration of data sources, model building, and data ownership are notably absent, resulting in restricted and frustrating reporting.

How can you address this issue? The solution lies in data warehousing.

Eliminating Data Silos Through Data Warehousing

Imagine this scenario: You're conducting an email campaign to convert leads by sending a well-crafted email to users. The challenge arises when you can't track the actions of these users on your website after they click your email. To gain insight into these users, you switch to tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, but you still can't trace the user journey comprehensively.

Fortunately, a data warehouse comes to the rescue. Our data analysts seamlessly integrate disparate data sources and establish connections between users from each of these sources.

Preparation for Advanced Analytics via Data Warehousing

In light of recent technological advancements, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have become integral components of data decision-making. These models empower you to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving world of data insights, enabling you to foresee future user behaviors and construct recommendation engines that can enhance your business.

However, these capabilities are only achievable when your data is consolidated within a single repository, and this is precisely where a data warehouse plays a crucial role.

Ownership of Your Data

Imagine your website's contact form generates leads. You access your analytics tool to segment this data based on device or session source, only to discover that your data is being sampled at a rate of 60%.

Such sampling often occurs in tools where data ownership is absent. These tools tend to sample data based on the number of data points you request, resulting in the loss of valuable insights. With a data warehouse, you regain control of your data, and our data analysts can configure your data sources into a single data repository.

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Selecting the Right Data Warehouse

The process of data warehousing may seem complex, but we streamline it for you. Whether you prefer Google BigQuery, Snowflake, or Amazon Redshift, we offer data warehousing services that include extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) as well as extraction, loading, and transformation (ELT) processes.

If you need assistance in choosing the most suitable data warehouse for your needs, our experts are ready to assist you.

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